Trick Or Treat Hair: Halloween Hair Tips

Halloween doesn’t always have to be about dressing up in scary attire or some crazy costume. You can use Halloween as an excuse to dress up and look super glamorous and gorgeous for the night! If you don’t have a set of Cashmere Hair Clip-In Extensions in time for the holiday, you can still take advantage of our Halloween Sale!

Cashmere Hair Clip in hair extensions halloween sale

Hair doesn’t tend to be the first thing that comes to mind for most people when perfecting a costume. But it really can help make or break your costume! When you think of a Mermaid, you don’t think of a short bob, you imaging long, flowing wavy locks. So don’t forget to pay special attention to your hair as part of your costume.

Here are some great ways to use your Clip-In Hair Extensions as part of your Halloween Costume:

wide-tooth-comb-cashmere-hairTEASE UP BIG Halloween Hair!
The bigger the hair, the better the hair! Giving your hair extra volume and fullness is a great way to emphasize your “costume.” Try clipping in your Cashmere Hair and teasing your hair at the roots and use a wide tooth comb to back comb and add even more volume to your hair extensions. Start midway and gently push the hair up, blending your hair and the extensions. Use a super hold hair spray to keep your big hair up all night! Warning….at the end of the night, it may be hard to get your extensions detangled if you tease them, so remove them gently and do not brush them until you have shampoo’d & CONDITIONED them to detangle them.


Skip the wig and use your Cashmere Hair Clip In Hair Extensions!
You can get some of the same effects using Clip In Hair Extensions as you would with many wigs. So avoid being uncomfortable or hot all night with an itchy wig on your head, and style your clip-ins to do the trick for you. Try gathering them into a ponytail, braid or top-knot to match with your costume. Curl, straighten or add waves. You can even add clip ins in different colors to play up your look.

glitter-halloween-hair cashmere hair clip in extensions

COLOR or GLITTER….Mess it up!
You can use temporary color or spray on glitter to enhance the look of your costume, without ruining your real hair, by spraying or coloring your hair extensions before clipping them on. Save your real hair from taking some of the abuse…..clip-ins can always be replaced, your real hair can take years to grow out.

Comparing Clip-In Hair Extension Brands


What makes a good clip in hair extension? Well, it may be a matter of opinion to some, but there are some things that just can’t be compromised when it comes to clip in hair extensions.

No. 1
The size of the clips.
You want the clips to be small, but the comb part of the clip to be efficient. A lot of hair extension brands use larger than necessary clips. This makes it not only more bulky, but harder to conceal and more uncomfortable to wear. Bigger clips can be a lot heavier, putting more stress on your fragile locks, and harder to try and clip to a small amount of hair. Look for clips that are small, painted, and silicone coated for the safest and most natural wear.

Clip Comparison
Clip Comparison

No. 2
How much hair is sewn to a track.
There are all different types of clip in hair extensions. Some have only one weft sewn to clips, some have 2, some have 3 or more. Some tracks are covered with lace to conceal the amount of wefts. But whatever the amount, you can always count on Cashmere Hair for the fullest tracks. Having a lot of hair sewn into each track not only gives you the most natural look, but it also keeps you from needing to wear a ton of tracks/clips, which can get uncomfortable. See example:



No. 3
Hair Quality.
Quality is a big factor in the life and durability of your clip in extensions. Always look for high quality Remy Hair. But not all Remy Hair is actual Remy Hair. Some can be mixed with lesser quality hair to make it cheaper, or can just claim to be Remy. High quality hair will be more expensive, that will be a big indicator. Cheap clip in hair extensions are not likely good quality Remy hair.  look for Double Drawn hair, which means that it is thick from root to tip, with minimal layers. There are different percentages of Double Drawn Hair. Cashmere Hair always uses Superior Grade Double Drawn Human Remy Hair.3d-pics-blondes-1

No. 4
Hair Color Selection
You might not even consider hair colors when you first start researching clip in hair extension brands, but it can play a big factor in how well your hair extensions blend with your own hair. Hair extensions should always be multi-tonal, otherwise they will definitely look fake. Multi-tonal means that they have many different shades of hair strands within a color. You also want to choose a brand that has many variations of each shade. Different blonde and brunette shades, with highlights and lowlights, and solid multi-tonal shades. You can even find shades like Cashmere Hair’s 3 Ombre shades that help you to match perfectly while still keeping up with hair color trends. If you don’t have the perfect hair color match, your clip in hair extensions will be noticeable. Check out all of Cashmere Hair’s 19 Shades (that’s 5-6 more than the competition!)

cashmere hair extension clip in colors shades

No. 5
Track Systems
Each clip in hair extension company has a slightly different track system. Some sets include 1 track, some include 9 tracks, some have even more. The more tracks included, usually means more clips, more clipping in, and less hair on each track. Cashmere Hair has designed the most comfortable and efficient track system with 7 tracks total for the most comfortable wear. Which means you are getting not only maximum fullness with minimal clips, but you are also getting a PONYTAIL enhancing system! It hasn’t been included in packs until now, Cashmere Hair’s specially designed side tracks can be worn to create the perfect ponytail, braid or up-do!

Cashmere Hair Extensions

cashmere hair extensions clip in ponytail

Don’t believe us? Read our REAL reviews at

Cashmere Hair Wedding Hairstyle

Featuring: Ali Matthews Radow

What a stunning bride & picture perfect wedding! The bride, Ali Matthews Radow, is wearing Cashmere Hair Clip In Extensions on her special day to enhance her long flowing brunette locks. She is wearing the Starlet Brunette Shade of Cashmere Hair which is a multi-tonal brunette shade with warm light brown highlights and rich brown lowlights. We love that she chose to wear it down, let it flip as she twirled and danced, and even by the end of the night, her hair stayed curled & looking just as perfect as when the wedding started. Don’t forget to order Cashmere Hair Clip In Extensions for your wedding day! Send us your wedding photos of you wearing Cashmere Hair Extensions to be featured on our blog to

Cashmere Hair Extensions Bridal01 Cashmere Hair Extensions Bridal02 Cashmere Hair Extensions Bridal03 Cashmere Hair Extensions Bridal04 Cashmere Hair Extensions Bridal05 Cashmere Hair Extensions Bridal07 Cashmere Hair Extensions Bridal08 Cashmere Hair Extensions Bridal09 Cashmere Hair Extensions Bridal10 Cashmere Hair Extensions Bridal12 Cashmere Hair Extensions Bridal13 Cashmere Hair Extensions Bridal14 Cashmere Hair Extensions Bridal17
Cashmere Hair Extensions Bridal20 Cashmere Hair Extensions Bridal21 Cashmere Hair Extensions Bridal26 Cashmere Hair Extensions Bridal27

Fashion Issue Revealed Featuring Cashmere Hair

cashmere Hairbrunette clip in hair extensions  viva glam magazine VIVA GLAM MAGAZINE’S new cover for the FASHION ISSUE is revealed! Supermodel, Alina Puscau, is wearing a dress by Hale Bob, jewelry by Petra Toth, vintage Louis Vuitton bag by LXR & Co., imPRESS press on manicure by Broadway Nails, Clip In Hair Extensions in Starlet Brunette by Cashmere Hair.  Photography by Deja Jordan. This cover was shot at the beautiful Belize Ocean Club Resort in Placencia, Belize.

cashmere Hairbrunette clip in hair extensions  viva glam magazine

Nothing says you have a great product than when you see it looking gorgeous on the cover of a magazine.  Super Model Alina Puscau is wearing the STARLET BRUNETTE Shade and we think it looks so amazing and rich! What a great shade to compliment her skintone! We can’t wait to get the hard copy in our hands! Order this shade of Cashmere Hair at



Do You Have High Expectations When It Comes To Hair Extensions?


Do You Have High Expectations When It Comes To Hair Extensions? So do we.

No, we don’t mean to boast, but we just want to share with you what other women just like you are saying about Cashmere Hair Clip In Extensions. Check out the latest reviews from real customers of Cashmere Hair.

cashmere hair clip in extensions REVIEWS

cashmere hair clip in extensions REVIEWS

Best Extensions Ever!!

Product: Rodeo Drive Blonde 20″ Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Abby
I have had many different extensions, clip in, sewn in, bonded etc. These are the best! Extremely thick from top to bottom and comfortable to wear. Melissa got back to me so incredibly fast to match my hair color and the hair matched perfectly. I will never use any other extensions ever again but Cashmere Hair.

Best Hair! 

Product: Golden Blonde 20″ Clip In Hair Extensions 
Posted By: N/A
I’ve tried several brands of Remy extensions and these are by far the best. Thick, soft hair and washes well. I like the wider side wefts. I always needed more hair on the sides! Plus, they’re customizable so you can wear the amount you need.

Absolutely Beautiful

Product: Sunset Blonde 20″ Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: N/A
Soft, silky and manageable! So proud of how it looks! Took way too long to develop a product that looks natural! Good Job Cashmere Hair.

Best Extensions EVER!

Product: Rodeo Drive Blonde 20″ Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Chelsie
I researched and wore a lot of extensions being a hair stylist. These are BY FAR the best extensions I have ever used. I am so happy with my purchase they are soft, shiny, and they blend so beautifully! Every one I know now wants a set! I’m definitely buying more since I change my color so often. They are definitely worth it!

Great Hair Day

Product: Starlet Brunette 20″ Clip-In Hair Extensions
Posted By: N/A
I received my new hair – clipped them in and wow. The hair is long and gorgeous. I have had people comment on my hair when I wear them. In a good way – they like my hair.

A Perfect Match!
Product: Swatch of Ash Blonde
Posted By: Whitney
I received my swatches and I was SHOCKED at how well the Ash Blonde blended with my hair, highlights, low lights and everything in between. I literally could not tell the difference. You guys have an amazing product. I can’t wait for my extensions to come in!


Product: The Cashmere Hair Brush
Posted By: Mandy
Amazed on how great this brush is. Very similar to Mason Pearson brush and a quarter of the price. I will not use any other brush on my hair.

Best Quality

Product: Starlet Brunette 20″ Clip-In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Lauren B
I’ve had my extensions for about a month now and I have to say, they are the best quality extensions I’ve purchased. I am not very nice to my hair extensions (updos, hairspray, wear them everyday) and these are still pretty much tangle free. I’ve washed them twice but only due to the amount of use I put into them and as long as I let them airdry, they are as smooth as when I bought them. I’ve spent about $200 at most on extensions, but once they get past 18″ they always tend to matte and tangle after about a month but these are much different. Also, they’re much thicker all the way to the ends as advertised than others I’ve used! No initial trim needed right out of the package to get rid of the thin ends. The color matches great with my natural ombre that I currently have from black to dark blonde. Very impressed and will definitely purchase again!


It’s All About The Hair!



IT IS all about the Hair in this stunning photo of Katarina Van Derham wearing Cashmere Hair in shade 9021Ombre.  There is something to be said about a girl that exudes beauty from the inside out. You can see it in her eyes, radiating from her heart & especially in her photographs. We love seeing Katerina Van Derham wearing Cashmere Hair Clip In Extensions to enhance her natural beauty even more. To get her look, try our 9021Ombre Shade of CASHMERE HAIR available at

Photo by Deja Jordan. Makeup by KVD Beauty.

VIP Treatment at Blown Salon with CASHMERE HAIR

blown salon cashmere hair clip in extensionsIf you are looking for a personal experience with Cashmere Hair Clip In Extensions, you can schedule yourself an appointment at the luxurious Blown Salon in Beverly Hills on Canon Drive with one of our Extension Experts. Book an appointment with CASHMERE HAIR Co-Owner Melissa Barone or specially trained hairstylist Josie Wilder. Get custom color matched, a lesson on how to clip in Cashmere Hair, styling and even a custom haircut to help your CASHMERE HAIR look like your own real hair.

Check out Cashmere Hair on the shelves at Blown Salon! Get yourself the VIP hair extension treatment & don’t forget to get one of Cashmere Hair’s luxuriously gentle Brushes to use on your hair extensions while you are there!

Melissa Barone
Cashmere Hair Owner & Extension Expert & Hairstylist
For pricing info & to book an appointment:
Phone: (310) 844-4625 or

Are you in Los Angeles? 
Get the full CASHMERE HAIR MAKEOVER from our very own Melissa Barone, Cashmere Hair Co-owner, Extensions Expert & Celebrity Hairstylist by making an appointment today!

Includes custom color matching, Cashmere Hair purchase, a custom cut for perfect blending, a lesson on how to clip them in & styling so you can walk out of the salon looking gorgeous and wearing your new set of Cashmere Hair!

Hair Extension Do’s & Don’ts

cashmere Hair clip in Remy ExtensionsThe most popular hair trend right now is clip-in hair extensions, they have pretty much become the norm in Hollywood and offer women the opportunity to get the hair they want, finally. They can make you feel like a million bucks & so extremely glamorous. Hair extensions are excellent for concealing thinning hair or major breakage, or even giving you the length before your real hair grows out. Clip-In hair extensions are among the most popular forms of hair extensions because they are so easy, and anyone can just clip them in. If you are looking to purchase your first set of clip-in extensions, or you are an experienced user, here are some do’s & don’ts of wearing hair extensions!

  • DO invest in the right brush for your extensions. A boar bristle brush will keep them from getting damaged from breakage, & they will last much longer. This brush is also great to use for detangling while wearing your hair extensions, with out pulling them out. Try The Cashmere Hair Brush, only $24.95
  • DO choose hair extensions that match perfectly with your hair color. You don’t want them to be noticeable from the rest of your natural hair! Even if you hair has highlights, or is ombre, Cashmere Hair has over 19 different shades to choose from, and even have sample Swatches you can pre order to make sure that you select the right shade. Click Here To Shop SWATCHES.
  • DON’T just throw your extensions in a plastic bag, in a drawer or leave on your nightstand all night when you aren’t wearing them. Hanging them up when they are not in use is so important for proper care. Using a hanger to clamp the top of the tracks together so that they hang, stay tangle free, and even hold their style for the next day is a must! Not only does Cashmere Hair make a gorgeous little hanger that is perfect for storing your clip-ins, it also comes with a bag that covers the hanger and extensions to protect them if you want to take them on the go….to the salon, in your suitcase, or to your wedding! It fits over the hanger and the hair similar to how a dress would fit into a garment bag. Store your clip-ins the right way & Shop Cashmere Hair’s Luxury Bag for only $24.99!
  • DO buy HUMAN HAIR extensions because they look the most natural & can be styled just like your own hair. Remy hair is currently the best on the market, but there is also Superior Grades of Remy hair, look for double drawn hair & make sure they have small clips. Cashmere Hair uses only the highest graded A+ superior quality Remy human hair available. Cashmere Hair is double drawn providing thickness from roots to ends & uses the best quality thread for the sewing process to ensure the wefts are secure with minimal shedding.
  • DO wash your extensions with salon quality, sulfate & sodium chloride free shampoo. Make sure that it is also a moisturizing shampoo since extensions are usually more abused than your own natural hair. ALWAYS condition your extensions to make them easier to detangle and to moisturize them to prevent them from tangling & keeping them smooth.
  • Do use distilled water to wash your extensions. Since a lot of locations in the USA have very HARD water with a lot of minerals in it, that can get deposited on your hair making them feel rough, dry and tangled, we recommend washing and rinsing your hair extensions in distilled water (available at grocery stores in the bottled water section.) This gives your hair a clean, soft feel, and keeps them from getting mineral deposits on them. You will notice that your shampoo lathers much better, so a little bit will go a long way.
  • DO try clip in versions! The clip-in version of hair extensions are more beneficial for many reasons. You have more flexibility with styling, more comfort and convenience, they’re less expensive, and not subject to routine maintenance. Permanent extensions that are sewn in, clamped, glued or taped can be very damaging, expensive, tough to work with, and found to be itchy and uncomfortable to wear.
  • Do treat your hair extensions even better than your actual tresses. Hair extensions can last you for years with proper care, so handle them with love and apply deep conditioning treatments once a month. And use a shine spray to add luster, smooth & detangle your clip-in extensions on a weekly basis. This will maximize your investment and maintain a glossy and smooth appearance. Try Cashmere Hair’s Extension Shine Spray $14.99 for best results.
  • DON’T clip in your hair extensions to high up on your head. Cashmere Hair specially designed their tracks to be worn low on your head. This helps to conceal the tracks, and there is less chance of anyone ever seeing that you are wearing them. The lower the better.
  • DON’T swim with, or bathe while wearing your hair extensions. This may seem like a no-brainer for some, but we get asked this question a lot. If you want to keep them looking their best, and lasting the longest, keep them away from salt water & chemicals. And bathing with them will only cause them to tangle with your natural hair, which won’t be good for your hair or your extensions. Submerging the clips for long periods of time in water can also damage the clips on the tracks. It’s just not a good idea.

NEW 16″ Length Now Available

Cashmere Hair Extensions 16 inches Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 12.58.02 AMONLY $189.99

PRE-SALE Now available for our brand new 16″ length, scheduled to ship on November 6th, 2014. Order now to get your new 16″ Cashmere Hair Clip Ins asap!

Select the color that you want, and from the drop-down menu select the LENGTH that you desire, either 16″ inch length or our most popular 20″ inch length.


The Cashmere Hair Girls

P.S. Don’t forget to show off your gorgeous new hair all over social media, we can’t wait to see your pics! Use #CashmereHair #Cashmere_Hair #Cashmerehairextensions #Cashmerehairselfie so we can feature YOU!

Cashmere Hair Sale in Los Angeles


Saturday 10AM ~ 5PM and Sunday 11AM ~ 5PM

Cashmere Hair is giving the Biggest Discount Ever on Hair Extensions Purchased at the show! Mention this blog post & get a FREE BRUSH!


Purchase your tickets online now to save 50% on Admission at only $5.00 per person
Admission includes all the Speakers, Seminars, Complimentary Spa Treatments, Tastings and Hundreds of Exhibits. Regular Admission is $10.00 per person at the Expo.

The Perfect Shades of Cashmere Hair

Did you know Cashmere Hair offers different 19 multi-tonal shades?

That’s 5-6 more shades than the competition, which means better color matching for you, more options, and a more natural look. More than half of our shades are custom designed & created to match with the most popular hair color trends, and the most popular natural shades. We just added our newest Brunette shade called Bel Air Brunette, which is a rich deep brown between our Brown Shade and Dark Brown Shade. We also have 3 Ombre Shades and even a Shade for our lovely redheads.

cashmere hair clip in extensions shades cashmere hair clip in extensions shadescashmere hair clip in extensions shades cashmere hair clip in extensions shades cashmere hair clip in extensions shades





What else is great about Cashmere Hair’s 19 amazingly gorgeous hair colors? We are always adding new ones based on customer requests, trends, and forecasts! Which means, just like a designer fashion line, you can always expect new and great things from Cashmere Hair, with the quality that you expect from us.

Check out our website at to see all of our colors in more detail, order sample Swatches of the colors and see them for yourself.

How To Get The Look

cashmere hair

We are so inspired by this flowy and angelic look we wanted to share our secrets to getting this look.

1.) Cashmere Hair Clip-In Extensions for the extra fullness and body.

2.) Cashmere Hair Extension Shine Spray to gloss up those locks & can also be used on your real hair. We especially recommend the Extension Shine Spray for BLONDES, which tend to have hair that is dry and frizzy. The Shine Spray will help to smooth ends and make your hair look silkier without weighing it down.

3.) The Cashmere Hair Brush is a MUST HAVE for styling your hair, teasing and detangling! Plus it’s much more affordable than the competition & just a high quality. To get this look, after slightly curling the ends of your hair and Cashmere Hair, tease at the roots and underneath with the Cashmere Hair Brush for this lovely glam look for volume and fullness.



We love seeing how you wear your Cashmere Hair so don’t forget to tag us in your photos and selfies when you are wearing Cashmere Hair Clip-In Extensions. Let us know what shade you are wearing as well! We will then re-post your lovely photos on our blog and social media! If you would like to see some of our real customers wearing their Cashmere Hair, visit the #Cashmerehairselfie or our Instagram page at @cashmere_hair.


The Cashmere Hair Girls

We Love Helping You!

Cashmere Hair ExtensionsWe know it can be frustrating and overwhelming trying to pick the right shade when it comes to hair extensions. We believe that having the perfect color match is one of the most important factors in flawless and undetectable hair extension wear. So to make it easier, the lovely ladies at Cashmere Hair are always looking for ways to help customers and make it as easy as possible to get the correct match.

1.) Initially, we suggest emailing us 3 good photos of your hair color plus a description of your hair color. (Example: It’s dark blonde naturally, with partial highlights just on top, so my natural color is still underneath and throughout.) Email us at

2. Check out our COLOR VIDEOS in the video section of our website to see and hear color descriptions & comparisons.

3. Ordering Swatches is the best way to actually see the different shades of Cashmere Hair that are closest to you your hair color and help you to pick the correct color without having to order a full set if you are still unsure.

4. NEW PACKAGING! Cashmere Hair just launched a brand new packaging design that actually comes with a full sized side track that is a “Tester Piece” separate from the Full Set, that allows you to purchase the color you think will be the best match, clip in the tester piece and test the color and length before opening the full set. This makes it easy for you to return or exchange it, if in fact it is not the correct shade.


NEED MORE HELP OR HAVE QUESTIONS? Check out our website at
or email us at

Add Cashmere Hair Clip-Ins To Your Suitcase!

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 2.50.51 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 2.51.04 PMIt’s now easier than ever to glam up during your vacation time with the Luxury Bag from Cashmere Hair. Complete with a satin padded hanger and protective bag, it’s so simple to toss in your suitcase & know that your clip-in extensions will be safe and protected. Cashmere Hair Clip-In Extensions are easy to clip in and out, giving you the freedom to add them to your hairstyle when you need that extra touch of glam. Take them out when hanging by the pool or on the beach, and clip them in to glam up your evening look!

cashmere hair clip in extensions cashmere hair clip in extensions

Order your LUXURY BAG now at


CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE:cashmere hair clip in extensions ultimate womens expo
Saturday 10AM ~ 5PM and Sunday 11AM ~ 5PM
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  • Admission includes all the Speakers, Seminars, Complimentary Spa Treatments, Tastings and Hundreds of Exhibits. Regular Admission is $10.00 per person at the Expo.
  • Or, if you prefer to purchase your tickets at the Expo, download a $2.00 off Discount Coupon by filling out the form below and bring the coupon with you to the Expo to purchase your tickets.



Roxbury Red Shade of Cashmere Hair
Roxbury Red Shade of Cashmere Hair


We love seeing gorgeous ladies looking even more gorgeous with a little help from our Cashmere Hair Clip In Hair Extensions. This shot is from the NEW Magazine VIVA GLAM MAGAZINE. We are excited to see how rich and thick this shade of ROXBURY RED looks on her. These extensions are 20″ Inches in length and she is wearing a full set of Cashmere Hair which is 7 tracks total. To order this gorgeous shade, click HERE.

cashmere hair viva glam magazine


Cashmere Hair Color MatchingCashmere Hair Color Matching Cashmere Hair Color Matching1. Check out our colors suggestions online HERE
2. Look at the suggested shades in our online store HERE
3. Watch our Color Matching Video HERE
4. Email us at with several good photos of your hair color if you are still unsure about what color to order.
5. Order the desired color of Cashmere Hair & when you receive it, use the tester piece & follow the instructions  to check and make sure it is the correct color match with your hair.



Permanent extensions can be super damaging to your natural hair. This is why we created Cashmere Hair Clip In Extensions. Not only are our clip ins the highest quality of human Remy Hair, they are completely safe and will not damage your natural hair!

Let’s get back to some basics when it comes to permanent hair extensions. The first and foremost problems is, most girls are lied to from their hairstylist when they are told, “they are completely safe for your hair & your hair will grow faster.” As a featured hairstylist in Beverly Hills that works on so many different types of hair, I know that permanent hair extensions are damaging to the hair.

Over time you will loose your natural hair and this goes with almost all permanent extensions. The top 2 worst kind of permanent extensions are glue-ins & sew-ins. The reasoning behind this is simply because the hair is forced up against the scalp and pressure is created on the hair line. Us women are so eager to look for the “fast” solution in life & we eventually get side tracked with the “wow” factor of permanent extensions. I am here to tell you, “Don’t make this mistake.”  Be patient and use Clip In Extensions so you can take them in and out everyday so you can see your hair grow!”

You will be surprised how fast your hair will grow and how healthy it will be in the long run. Nothing is worse than taking out your permanent hair extensions and feeling bald, thinner, & having super fragile hair. Ultimate depression and I must say, YES, I have been there! Until I learned and saw for myself how unhealthy my decision was of wearing permanent extensions.

Cashmere Hair extensions are all silicone coated so absolutely no teasing is necessary! YES you heard this right, NO TEASING.. This even goes for the women with very thin hair.

-Be sure to read our reviews on our product which come from real Cashmere Hair customers.




Remy Hair is considered to be the finest quality of human hair. With Remy hair, the cuticles are kept intact and not stripped, the hair follicles all go in one single direction. This preserves the hairs’ cuticles and aligning them in a unidirectional fashion creates extensions that are completely natural in appearance. Remy hair is collected in a method in which all hair strands stay aligned in the natural direction as it grew (i.e. holding the hair in a ponytail and cutting), top at top, and ends at ends, to maintain the natural texture pattern and cuticle direction. This reduces friction between the strands thus reducing the tangling in the hair, commonly found in non-Remy or low quality hair. Remy hair appears more healthy, soft and silky. Remy hair is only lightly processed, and undamaged.

Some companies claim to sell 100% Remy Hair, but are mixing anywhere between 10-40% Non-Remy hair into their packs. An expert in human hair can tell the difference between Remy and Non-Remy hair by touching it. It is said that Remy hair has a cool and silky feeling when you touch it. Non experts probably will not be able to tell the difference by looking at it. After 2 to 3 weeks of wear, when that hair starts to matte up you will know it’s not Remy.

All Human Hair tangles to some extent, and depending on the texture as compared with your one natural texture it could cause it to tangle. No human hair is perfect, that is how you know it is human. Hair that doesn’t have a flaw is synthetic or at least has a synthetic mix.

Cashmere Hair is Double Drawn.

What is Double-Drawn Hair?
Double Drawn hair is hair that comes from multiple donors. Time is taken to pick hairs from multiple donors so that the majority of the hair (about 80-90%) is the same length. This hair is more expensive than Single Drawn hair because it takes much more time to sift through the hair and match up the lengths.
Remember, this is 100% Human Hair, it is not perfect (humans are not perfect, neither is their hair).

Cashmere Hair is minimally processed.

How is it minimally processed, and what does that mean?
Our gentle CASHMERE dyeing process keeps the integrity of the hair at it’s finest, giving you gorgeous color and long lasting hair. (Other brands use processes which rapidly dye hair using heavy acid and chemicals, causing damage to the hair.) Instead, our process of dyeing is a very slow process which is the least damaging to hair and gives you the healthiest quality hair, allowing your hair extension to look their best longest. We take the quality of our product very seriously, which is why we set ourselves apart from other companies on a completely different level of quality & authenticity. We have our strands laboratory tested and certified to be 100% Cuticle human hair, the highest quality available. ​

We never need to mask the harsh chemical process by using silicone, because we don’t use a harsh chemical process! (This technique is used to disguise the bad quality of the hair to make it feel silky when you first purchase it. After a few shampoos you might notice that the coating come off, and true nature of the quality is revealed.​) Cashmere Hair in NEVER silicone coated.

You get what you pay for with Cashmere Hair.

Why is Remy Hair more expensive?
One indicator that you have Remy quality hair is the price. It is expensive & the price is constantly increasing. Remy hair extensions are beautiful and more natural, so they look like the individual’s own hair. It will cost more to invest in Remy extensions, the results achieved are far more stunning and long lasting than by using synthetic or lower grade hair. Remy hair extensions can be styled using flat irons or curling irons, just like your own hair. It is wiser to invest in high quality Remy hair that you can expect from Cashmere Hair because wear time & durability will last a longer than other brands.

Cashmere Hair uses the Best Clips.

What makes Cashmere Hair clips different?
Sometimes underestimated, clips play an important role in the comfort, durability, and safety of clip-in hair extensions. No matter the quality of the hair, the quality of the clips play a major factor in the length of time you can wear your clip-ins, the comfort level, and how well they stay put. Cashmere Hair’s clips are small, Silicone coated, and painted for maximum comfort & safety. 

Check out this diagram comparing Cashmere Hair’s Clips to several competitors:

Clip Comparison
Clip Comparison

Best Quality Clip-In Remy Hair Extensions. As Seen on ABC's SHARK TANK!


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