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If you are reading this, then you are probably curious to know “WHICH reviews on youtube you should believe, and which ones are PAID reviews” YES. . . PAID! WHAT?

Many other hair extension companies actually pay these video bloggers & beauty gurus to “review” their products. And, yes of course they are going to give positive and biased reviews about the hair extensions… Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE BEING PAID TO, getting free hair in trade for their review, plus they get a commission on any sales when you type in their “COUPON CODE” to get a discount when making your purchase.

In the information that is typed in below the video, or if mentioned in the video that there is any sort of “discount code” set up, it’s a guarantee that you are not listening to an authentic unbiased review. These girls are working with the company to make money on your gullibility.

We know it’s unfortunate that this sort of thing is happening with Youtuber’s and video bloggers. You look to them for their honest opinions, but now, everyone is just out to get paid for reviews and will pretty much review anything that comes their way. Even some of the youtube videos that say “THE TRUTH ABOUT [Name] HAIR EXTENSIONS” are paid reviews, especially if they have any sort of “Coupon/discount code” in the video or listed below it.

Here are some examples of what you might see for a paid review-How to recognize a biased review: (We deleted the company names & links.)

“Hair Extensions mentioned :
– 260 grams — Chocolate Brown #4 — 20 inches
– Mochachino Brown — 22 inches
USE NIC5 for $5.00 OFF”
“Products mentioned ♡
22 inch 220 Gram Dark Brown #2
COUPON CODES: STILLGLAM for $5 off! or StillGlam160 for $160 off 6 in 1 hot tools!”
“[NAME] hair extensions:
^use code “kelly5″ for $$$ off”
“Discount Codes:
♥ MAKEUP BRUSHES: use code prettylilmzgrace for $5 off
♥EXTENSIONS: use code pretty grace for $5 off”
6 IN 1 CURLER USE CODE “prettygrace160″


Cashmere Hair DOES NOT pay bloggers to do reviews. That’s why you wont find very many videos out there about our clip-in hair extensions. While it is a great marketing tool for many companies, we find that it is FAKE and the last thing we want to do is LIE to or mislead our customers. Any reviews that you do find about Cashmere Hair are from paying customers, real customers that have not been paid or “traded” hair for a review. So, you can feel a bit more confident when you don’t find a bunch of video reviews about us. We think it’s really sad that this is going on, and feel bad for those that believe the false hype. If you want to read some real reviews about us, CLICK HERE.


How Many Shades Does Cashmere Hair Have?

cashmere hair

Swatch Color Rings and individual Swatches are available for purchase at

There are currently 19 shades of gorgeous CASHMERE HAIR Extensions available! Did you know that’s 7-10 more shades than the competition? We offer more of the best shades & have new shades coming in the New Year! Not to mention, we always offer the best quality hair. Have questions about what shade to order? Email us 3+ photos of your hair to and we would be more than happy to make a recommendation!

Want to request a shade? Write your suggestions below! We love hearing feedback from our customers.



Check out this real review of Cashmere Hair by the lovely youtube blogger BEAUTYGEEK4, she posts videos about Hair, Makeup, Nail Tutorials, Outfits of the Day (OOTD), Hauls, Skin Care, Tips & Tricks and MUCH more!!

Her Cashmere Shade is Beverly Hills Brunette.

SHOP HERE for Cashmere Hair Extensions:

Like her video? Other places to find Beautygeek4:




Have Questions?

cashmere hair clip in extensions

We understand that ordering hair extensions online can be confusing and overwhelming. Whether you are an experienced hair extension wearer, or new to the whole idea of clip-in hair extensions, we want you to know that no question is a stupid question. You can find the answers to most of your questions on the FAQs Page of our website, but if you are still confused, or can’t find the answer to your question or concern, reach out to us! You can call us at: 213-222-3878  or email us your question at

We also try to make it convenient and easy to order the correct color match for your hair with our SWATCHES and TESTER PIECE ordering system, but if you still aren’t sure, or want our professional opinions, feel free to email us 3+ photos of your hair to

Ombre Clip In Hair Extensions

GET the OMBRÉ LOOK easily with Clip-In Hair Extensions by Cashmere Hair!Cashmere Hair Clip In Extensions

CASHMERE HAIR has 3 gorgeous shades to match the popular Ombre hair color trend. This highly sought after look is just as popular even after it first appeared over a year ago on hundreds of celebrities.

Shop Ombre Shades of Cashmere Hair Clip-In Extensions <——-CLICK HERE!

Brunettes try our: Ombre & Bronzed Ombre shades.

Blondes try our Ombre or 9021Ombre shades.

viva glam Cashmere Hair
Shade pictured: 9021Ombre. (Photo courtesy of VIVA GLAM MAGAZINE & KVD Beauty)



Perfect Harmony: Cashmere Hair Care Set

The newest addition to the Cashmere Hair collection, the Cashmere Hair Care Set is the perfect harmony of 4 great products that work together to help you care for your  hair extensions and natural hair.

Set includes:  2 oz. bottles of Shampoo, Conditioner, Extensions Shine Spray and 2.5 oz Deep Treatment. Can also be used on your natural hair & great sizes for travel.

Only $39.99 ——–> SHOP NOW



Limited Time! Pink Clip In Extensions

Only a few sets left of our PINK Peek-A-Boo Color Collection! Cashmere Hair Clip In Extensions

Hurry and order these gorgeous pink highlight pieces to add to your hairstyle just for FUN! Get the fun colors without the commitment. (Turquoise is SOLD OUT) These are LIMITED EDITION SHADES & once they are gone, they are GONE!



Color Description
Pink Peek-A-Boo Clip In Hair Extensions just for fun!

Product Description

6 Total Pieces:
Six (6) 3 inch wide wefts with 2 clips each

Length Options

18″ Inches

Have you ever wanted to add bold bright colors to your hair but scared you would damage your hair? Introducing Cashmere Hair Colors!
Cashmere Hair Colors are a fun, fast, and non-damaging way to add a dash of color or natural highlights to anyone’s hair. They are made of 100% human hair extensions so they can be curled, flat ironed or styled just like natural hair. Cashmere Hair Colors clip-in hair extensions are easy to apply and remove providing instant color without the commitment. Go ahead and shock your friends or glam up your look with Cashmere Hair clip-in hair color.

How To: Reshape the CASHMERE HAIR Brush Bristles

BEFORE (bent bristles)


This doesn’t happen often, but if your Cashmere Hair Brush bristles get misshaped or bent from traveling with it, etc…’s an easy fix to reshape the bristles. Watch this video & check out the photos below.





Cashmere Hair


You Need This Brush

If you don’t have this brush yet…. You are missing out on what REAL HAIR BRUSHING is all about! No, seriously. This brush will detangle, tease, smooth and even detangle hair when wet without breakage! You can also brush your hair with your clip-ins on without pulling them out. This is a great brush for detangling your extensions while wearing them. Purchase one with your Cashmere Hair Clip In Extensions to protect your investment.

Cashmere Hair Brush



Easy Trick For Long Lasting Curl Hold

Cashmere Hair ExtensionsThe great thing about clip in hair extensions, is that you can style them by themselves, before clipping them into your own hair. This trick will not only spare your natural hair from unnecessary heat damage, but also allows you to do this super easy, “cool” curling trick. After wrapping the hair extensions around the barrel of a curling iron, release it down onto a towel, keeping it in the same curled shape & allow to completely cool before clipping them in. By letting curls cool like this before clipping them in will give you much longer lasting curls with your Cashmere Hair Clip In Extensions. (20″ California Blonde shade pictured.) We used a 3/4 to make these curls.


Introducing The New Cashmere Hair Care Set!

Introducing our new Hair Care Set, including specially designed products to help care for, maintain & prolong the life of your Cashmere Hair Clip In Extensions. Includes 2 oz. bottles of Shampoo, Conditioner, Extensions Shine Spray and 2.5 oz. Deep Treatment. Can also be used on your natural hair & great sizes for travel.Cashmere Hair Care Set


Product Description
Specially designed products to help care for, maintain & prolong the life of your Cashmere Hair Clip In Extensions. Includes 2 oz. bottles of Shampoo, Conditioner, Extensions Shine Spray and 2.5 oz Deep Treatment. Can also be used on your natural hair & great sizes for travel.


Rebalances & Moisturizes
No Parabens, Sulfates or Sodium Chloride. Safe For Use on Hair Extensions & Color & Straightener Safe. UV & Thermal Protectant.

Silk Amino Acids help soothe and moisturize the hair without adding weight. Essential nutrients restore and rebalance the pH level of the hair, leaving it smooth with a healthy luster. Safe for use on hair extensions, colored, straightened and chemically-treated hair.


Rebalances & Moisturizes
No Parabens or Sodium Chloride. Safe For Use on Hair Extensions & Color & Straightener Safe.

This deep penetrating conditioner, infused with Silk Protein and Natural Botanical Extracts, rebuilds dry, damaged and chemically-treat- ed hair in just 60 seconds. Strengthens damaged hair, adds shine, luster and revitalizes stressed hair. Fights flfly-away hair and frizz. Adjustable conditioning for all hair types. pH balanced. Safe for use on hair extensions, colored, straightened and chemically-treated hair.


Brilliant Shine
No Alcohol, Parabens or Sodium Chloride. UV & Thermal Protectant. Safe For Use on Hair Extensions.

Creates an instant shine on dry or dull hair without weighing it down. Smooths frizzy, fried ends, and dries without a trace.


Strengthens & Smooths
No Parabens or Sodium Chloride. Safe For Use on Hair Extensions & Color & Straightener Safe.

This deep conditioning treatment, super-charged with proteins and extracts, restores moisture, strengthens, stops frizz and reduces breakage. Great for all hair types. Safe for use on hair extensions colored, straightened and chemically-treated hair.

 To order our Cashmere Hair Care Set CLICK HERE.


Order the 4 oz. CASHMERE HAIR DEEP TREATMENT. It is also great for use on your own natural hair!

cashmere hair deep treatment hair extension conditioner

Can I Wear Clip In Hair Extensions To Sleep?

Photo of Claudia Fijal from Kandy Magazine. Claudia is wearing Cashmere Hair in Lightest Blonde

Part of what makes clip-in hair extensions among the safest, and least damaging is the fact that you can remove them from your head during the times when the most damage can occur, such as sleeping on them, showering, and swimming. It may seem like common sense to the more experienced hair extension wearers, but for the newbies, it’s a question we get asked frequently.

So, NO, do not sleep with your clip-in hair extensions still attached to your hair. Not only will it be quite uncomfortable, but the metal from the clips can pull on your hair while you toss and turn in your sleep, which isn’t good for your hair or your scalp.

To some girls, sleeping with them clipped in might seem like a good idea. You might think that it is saving you some time “styling” them in the morning, but realistically, they are more likely to hold their style longer if you properly hang them up at night on the hanger (from Cashmere Hair’s Luxury Bag,) than sleeping on them. They will stay tangle free & ready to just clip in in the morning.

So, as part of your bed time beauty routine, take those few extra seconds to un-clip your clip-ins from your head, brush them with the Cashmere Hair Brush for a quick de-tangle and refresh, and properly hang them on the hanger from Cashmere Hair’s Luxury Bag overnight.

To order the Luxury Bag + Hanger & Cashmere Hair Brush, CLICK HERE. 

Feedback on Cashmere Hair

We are always open to feedback, the good, the bad, and the ugly. That’s what makes us better everyday. We pride ourselves on not only bringing you the very best clip-in hair extensions, but we also do our best to have excellent customer service and we are always improving our business. We have come a long way since airing on ABC’s SHARK TANK Tv show, but we couldn’t have done it all without our customers. Thinking about making the switch or trying out Cashmere Hair Clip In Extensions for the first time? Check out what some of our real customers are posting about us on Instagram…. tag us in your photos! #cashmerehair #cashmerehairselfie







BLACK FRIDAY Sale Starts Now!

BLACK FRIDAY SALE cashmere hair extensions

16″ & 20″ Clip In Hair Extensions

$5.00 off 16″ Clip-In Hair Extensions.       Use Promo Code: HOLIDAY16

$10.00 off 20″ Clip-In Hair Extensions.    Use Promo Code: HOLIDAY20

Swatches only $1.99 each.  Use Promo Code: HOLIDAYSWATCH

Offers expire 12/01/2014


Free Luxury Bag with purchase of 20″ Clip-In Hair Extensions. 


To redeem, add THE LUXURY BAG to your cart before checking out. 

HURRY! Valid one day only November 27, 2014.


FREE LUXURY BAG With purchase of any shade of 20″ Clip-In Hair Extensions.

Not only does Cashmere Hair offer the highest quality hair, but we take pride in caring for our hair, which is why we designed this luxurious little black bag complete with a soft padded satin hanger.

cashmere hair clip in extensions 6.17.14v Cashmire Hair466222

The Luxury Bag is best way to store your beloved Cashmere Hair Clip In Extensions. It is the perfect accessory that makes traveling with, storing & protecting your extensions with utmost care, easy and glamorous.

Hanging your extensions from the delicately designed hanger prevents them from tangling and it preserves the style, so you don’t have to re-style them every day. If you are taking your extensions “on the go” The Luxury Bag keeps them safe, secure, and discrete.  Great for times when going from home to the salon, traveling & packing in your suitcase, or on your wedding day.

Redeem Now!


We get excited to see our Cashmere Hair Extensions being reviewed and written about on blogs. Cashmere Hair NEVER pays/gives away product/trades for posts like our competitors do…

Why? Because we want REAL REVIEWS & REAL OPINIONS out there about us. We don’t think it’s fair to our customers to “pay bloggers” for their biased opinions.

So, when we do come across a real blogger review, we want to share it with you!


Check out this REAL post by Jayne Blight on her blog:

Cashmere Hair

August 20, 2014

Cashmere Hair

More articles by »

Written by: Jayne Blight

cashmere hair

“If you’ve read my previous article about Tape hair extensions you’ll understand my eternal quest for long, thick hair. Living with fine hair that refuses to grow past shoulder length leaves me at my wits end.

As much as I promote tape extensions, we all know that any sort of bonded extensions are not really healthy for your hair and weaken it.  It is so important to give your hair a break from time to time. However  during this ‘break’ period what’s a girl to do?  The answer is Cashmere Hair clip ins.

Let me introduce Cashmere Hair!

Two girls from Los Angeles who have created the perfect clip in extensions, and whether you normally wear extensions or not, trust me you’ll need these in your life.

Both of Cashmere Hair’s creators have many years of experience in the beauty industry  and working with celebrities and the rich & famous. Melissa is a Celebrity Hair Stylist in Beverly Hills, and Rachel is a international Model & Make-up Artist

The most luxuriously natural, thick and blend-able multi-tonal clip-in hair extensions on the market today. These extensions have quickly grown to be the most sought after locks in Los Angeles and New York and soon the UK.

Here are a selection of before and after photos


To make sure you order the right colour clip ins to match your hair is the most important. The girls have created little swatches you can order by post to match to your hair.  Once your clip- ins arrive follow the easy instructions to put them in or ask your hairdresser to show you.  I’d also advise asking your hairdresser to trim them to your desired length.

The girls have even designed the clip-ins own travel suit bag, which is so adorable to throw in your suitcase and remain undetected from the male species ;-)



To order your swatches and clip ins go to:-

Bad Clip-Ins VS. Good Clip-Ins

Hopefully your first experience with clip-in hair extensions is a good one. They are a wonderful accessory and can completely boost your confidence. But, there is nothing worse than BAD hair extensions, of any kind for that matter, especially clip-ins. Be careful if your hairstylist offers to make you some, or get some for you. You could end up spending $600+ like this woman did, only to find yourself with something that looks worse than a old doll hair. Not to mention, impossible to clip in properly. Quality of the hair is always the most important factor. But take a look at these custom stylist-made clip-in extensions. (THESE ARE NOT CASHMERE HAIR CLIP IN EXTENSIONS!!) The clips are fairly large, with the teeth of the comb hanging quite a lot over the edge. Making these clips not very practical or comfortable. The wefts are poorly hand sewn onto the clips, and there is significant space in between each weft, making them not only bulky, but more likely to come away from your scalp, and noticeable.


These are apparently brand new, and never been worn….and even from the photos you can tell that the quality of the hair and the custom dye job is not good at all. They look very tangled, thin and stringy already!


Seriously, the sideways clips on the ends don’t make much sense at all. And if you take a closer look, you will notice that 2 tracks are only sewn to the top portion of the sideways clips. It will be nearly impossible to get these to stay secured onto your own hair for any length of time.


We aren’t even sure what that purple thread is doing in there, but it shouldn’t be there. . . LOL.

These may have been handmade by a professional hairstylist, but are in no way professional grade extensions. Would you like to see what professional grade clip-in hair extensions really look like?

Cashmere Hair Extensions
Sunset Blonde Shade of Cashmere Hair
repaired clip
roxbury red clips copy
Roxbury Red Shade of Cashmere Hair

20140206-174346.jpg We have even shown you another comparison, a brand that we get compared to frequently. They may be cheaper, but you can certainly see why…there is a lot less hair on each track, only one weft per track compared to Cashmere Hair’s super thick track. They also use unpainted clips, which are a bit more damaging to your hair. The coated clips on Cashmere Hair’s clip-ins offer a softer & more gentle hold.

Check out all of our amazingly gorgeous shades and our 2 lengths of luxurious clip-in hair extensions at

Hair Extensions At The Gym?

IMG_4207-1.JPGIt’s pretty much unavoidable when you work out, sweat gets on your hair. Which means if your hair extensions are permanently bonded, your hair extensions will get wet and dirty & will need to be washed after your workout, probably blow dried & styled as well. Clip in hair extensions offer a great low maintenance solution to this time consuming task. Hang them up before working out, or skip wearing them to the gym altogether. This gives you the opportunity to workout without them, which is more comfortable, not having all that hair on your head, to soak up sweat & weigh you down.

BUT…..if you just have to have that extra hair on your head at all times, like we know some of you ladies do. . . invest in an extra set of clip in extensions, or use an old set to be the ones that you wear to the gym.


Halloween Hair Inspiration: Dip Dyed Extensions

dip-dyed-hair cashmere hair clip in extensions

A super creative way to start off your Halloween is by clipping in your Cashmere Hair clip-in extensions. Wearing your hair extensions will finalize your costumes and give your hair that extra VaVaVoom your sexy, scary, or cute costume is needing. Feel free to tease them up big, smooth them sleek, or curl them as you see fit for your costume.

We are also seeing a lot of girls dip dying their hair extensions to their favorite shades. You can do this by using a semi gloss (your brand of choice) and running the ends of the hair with the color you have chosen to achieve a fun ombre shade. Privana glosses are our favorites!  Since your goal is to create a fun color added the extensions, you don’t need to saturate the hair like you would normally dye your hair. This would be a temporary look with a fun color and applied mid-length to the ends. Over several washes to the hair extensions the gloss will eventually fade out. We recommend trying colors as light pink, light blue, or light red. If you aren’t a professional & know what you are doing, in order to avoid ruining your extensions, we recommend taking them to a professional hairstylist for assistance.

cashmere hair clip in hair extensions purple
What you will need:
1. Color gloss of choice
2. Mixing bowl & Tint Brush
3. Shampoo & Conditioner
Blow dry and style as pleased!

Soon to be launching a few fun shades to our Cashmere Hair Color Collection. Stay tuned and keep an eye out for these fun new Peek-a-boo shades in 2 weeks!

If you didn’t get a chance to order Cashmere Hair Extensions before Halloween, order a set now and use code: HALLOWEENHAIR for $10 off!

Click here to ORDER:

Trick Or Treat Hair: Halloween Hair Tips

Halloween doesn’t always have to be about dressing up in scary attire or some crazy costume. You can use Halloween as an excuse to dress up and look super glamorous and gorgeous for the night! If you don’t have a set of Cashmere Hair Clip-In Extensions in time for the holiday, you can still take advantage of our Halloween Sale!

Cashmere Hair Clip in hair extensions halloween sale

Hair doesn’t tend to be the first thing that comes to mind for most people when perfecting a costume. But it really can help make or break your costume! When you think of a Mermaid, you don’t think of a short bob, you imaging long, flowing wavy locks. So don’t forget to pay special attention to your hair as part of your costume.

Here are some great ways to use your Clip-In Hair Extensions as part of your Halloween Costume:

wide-tooth-comb-cashmere-hairTEASE UP BIG Halloween Hair!
The bigger the hair, the better the hair! Giving your hair extra volume and fullness is a great way to emphasize your “costume.” Try clipping in your Cashmere Hair and teasing your hair at the roots and use a wide tooth comb to back comb and add even more volume to your hair extensions. Start midway and gently push the hair up, blending your hair and the extensions. Use a super hold hair spray to keep your big hair up all night! Warning….at the end of the night, it may be hard to get your extensions detangled if you tease them, so remove them gently and do not brush them until you have shampoo’d & CONDITIONED them to detangle them.


Skip the wig and use your Cashmere Hair Clip In Hair Extensions!
You can get some of the same effects using Clip In Hair Extensions as you would with many wigs. So avoid being uncomfortable or hot all night with an itchy wig on your head, and style your clip-ins to do the trick for you. Try gathering them into a ponytail, braid or top-knot to match with your costume. Curl, straighten or add waves. You can even add clip ins in different colors to play up your look.

glitter-halloween-hair cashmere hair clip in extensions

COLOR or GLITTER….Mess it up!
You can use temporary color or spray on glitter to enhance the look of your costume, without ruining your real hair, by spraying or coloring your hair extensions before clipping them on. Save your real hair from taking some of the abuse…..clip-ins can always be replaced, your real hair can take years to grow out.

Best Clip-In Remy Hair Extensions. As Seen on ABC's SHARK TANK.


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