Color matching is the most important way to get the perfect color match. This is a simple way to achieve this task.
Match the ends of your hair to the shades on the Cashmere Hair website and choose the shade that is the closest match to the ends of your hair. Because our roots are constantly growing out and being colored, the roots will always be lighter or darker than the rest of our hair. It’s the ends of your natural hair that needs to blend seamlessly with your hair extensions, so don’t worry about matching the shade of the hair extensions to your roots. There is also a video to watch on each Cashmere Hair shade that shows the shade up close & personal.


If you are still uncertain on your color match you can always choose to order color swatches on the Cashmere Hair Website.

Once you receive your CH extensions, bring them with you to a professional hair colorist who can color your natural hair to match the shade of the hair extensions for natural and seamless blending. You will only need to do this step of coloring if you want your hair extensions to also match the roots of your natural hair. Some girls prefer the roots to be darker so they don’t need to take them to their hairstylist.


If you decide to color your hair extensions instead of your natural hair to match the color, make sure that you pick a CH shade that is lighter than your natural hair color. It is always safer to darken hair than it is to lighten it as the chemical process to achieve the darker color will not be as harsh on your hair extensions. However, we highly recommend choosing the best shade over this option so that you can enjoy your Cashmere Hair Extensions for a longer amount of time. We have over 18 shades to choose from so you should not have a problem finding your perfect color match.

**Please note that although Cashmere Hair Extensions may be colored, we do not recommend coloring, bleaching or altering them chemically in any way as this will shorten the life span and jeopardize the quality of your hair extensions. We cannot guarantee the quality will be the same if the hair extensions are chemically processed.

Cashmere Hair Re-Airing On ABC’s SHARK TANK Sept 11, 2014


The CASHMERE HAIR Girls have come a long way since first pitching their business in front of the Sharks, hoping to get a deal with one of ABC’s Shark Tank Investors. The Sharks were right, they didn’t give the girls a deal, but instead encouraged them to hustle to make it on their own. That’s exactly what Rachel & Melissa did. They are excited to look back at this episode from the first few months of being in business, and see how much their company has grown & changed over the last year. “Shark Tank was such an amazing experience for us, it really helped us to build, grow, and turn our dream into reality very quickly. We’ve been giving our competitors a run for their money & we are here to stay!” Says co-owner Rachel Bernstein. Don’t miss these two ladies in this celebratory re-run of ABC’s SHARK TANK airing on Thursday, September 11, 2014.



The inside scoop on paid bloggers/instagram accounts & pyramid/multi-level marketing hair companies

Cashmere Hair Vs. Competitors

The Inside scoop on paid bloggers/instagram accounts & pyramid & multi-level marketing hair companies.

Don’t fall for false advertisements…

The truth is, there are a lot of hair extension companies to choose from these days. Are they all “quality” hair extensions is the question. We did our research for over a year to see why all of these companies had the same complaints over and over. What we found out is more information that most people would ever think. Human hair is a high commodity and prices are rising.

The research it takes to find a reliable hair company has customers heads spinning trying to figure out what the truth is. Most companies tell you their product is the highest quality and their hair is the best over all others just to get you to make a purchase. We are here to tell you today, don’t believe everything you hear or read. Do your research, read reviews and even contact a recent customer of the company if you really want to make a smart decision. Most girls don’t mind giving  their valued opinion. Now let’s talk about paid Bloggers/Instagram GURUS.

Yes social medial has taken the front seat when it comes to the social light and everyone who follows them wants to get their hands on whatever these beauty gurus have. Is it all fake? Probably not all beauty guru’s have fake opinions but they are definitely getting paid to say EXACTLY what the paid company wants them to hear & post. We have seen it for our own eyes via email. A lot of these beauty gurus & paid Instagram accounts will email our company asking for the same deal. What do we say to this? No thank you! We don’t want to lie to our customers and mislead them in a messy situation. We take this as false advertisement. It is a lot harder getting your customers to post constantly like these paid instagramers do but hard work pays off and we want our company to last for the long run with a good reputation.

Is our quality the best and most value for your money? YES. Why? Because we have taken all of the research from our competitors companies and made all the necessary changes. This started with the quality of human hair & the difference between Remy & non Remy. We only sell the highest grade of human hair and we only accept the highest grade of human hair from our suppliers. All of our hair is Remy. What is the definition of Remy Hair? The cuticle stays intact from roots to ends and is aligned in the same direction. Why do you want Remy? Because Remy hair is known to be the least tangled hair. The condition of the hair will stay soft and not matted. You are probably wondering, “Well I bought Remy Hair and I still had these problems”… WELL, that’s probably because the hair really wasn’t Remy hair.

This term is thrown around a lot from company to company. The term has been misused and abused which hurts companies like Cashmere Hair that actually uses only Remy Hair. We had all of the competitors hair extensions in our hands to test, curl, shampoo and style. Cashmere Hair is the highest quality of human Remy Hair and we will only continue to make our customers happy by using the BEST.

Now that we gave you the ins and outs on the important factors of clip in hair extensions, feel free to email us at info@cashmerehairextensions.con for any questions or inquires about Cashmere Hair!

DIY Haircolor

cashmere hair extensions

This DIY hair color doesn’t need mixing, and you can use it over and over again. Did you know that by clipping in Cashmere Hair Clip-In Extensions in different shades can give you instant highlight or lowlight effects and even a temporary Ombre effect?

BRONZED OMBRE-the newest shade by Cashmere Hair Extensions
BRONZED OMBRE-the newest shade by Cashmere Hair Extensions

Are you a brunette? Try CASHMERE HAIR’s newest BRONZED OMBRÉ SHADE to get the look of an ombré without the commitment or a trip to the salon.

Check out our 3 shades of Ombre Clip In Hair Extensions CLICK HERE!

Order Bronzed Ombre! CLICK HERE!

New Customer Reviews


Love the look!

Product: Sunset Blonde 20″ Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Ms. Pape
Cashmere has done it right. The extensions are beautiful and match my hair so well, my hairdresser had trouble determining my hair from the extensions. Beautiful quality. I would highly recommend to my friends.

Best hair extensions ever!
Product: Ombre 20″ Clip In Hair Extensions 
Posted By: Sandra
I’ve had all kind of hair extensions for the past 10 years and not one of them would compare to this ones! So awesome and thick and perfect! Love them. Xx

Best Clip-In Extensions Ever
Product: 9021Ombre 20″ Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Marleny
This hair is just amazing, the color you see in the picture. The hair is so soft and silk and does not shed at all. The hair is really thick so I only end up using 2 or 3 tracks out of the 7 pack since my hair is really thin. Overall the best hair extensions.

Product: Natural Blonde 20″ Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Kelly
Love love love this product! I never tried extensions before and these are so awesome! It totally adds a ton of volume to my hair which is what I was looking for! I would love to wear these every day!

Exceeded My High Expectations!!

Product: Sunset Blonde 20″ Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Jackie
I have been wearing extensions religiously for almost 10 years. Both clip-in and great lengths…. I can honestly say that Cashmere Hair is by far the best and my most favorite. I love that you can take them out at the end out the day unlike my bonded extensions. I also love the thickness of Cashmere Hair! I felt gorgeous, there was SO much I think I could leave a few of the extensions out and it would still look just as amazing. The hair quality is great. It doesn’t tangle or knot easily and the color is just gorgeous. I highly recommend these to anyone. My hair is thin and it makes my hair look so fantastic. Overall a great product.


Product: Ash Blonde 20″ Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Maria
I got my extensions like 3 weeks ago and to be honest I’ve been wearing them every day i absolutely love them . Thick, amazing quality and not to mention they do not shed at all which is amazing . I have tried so many different companies online , from the most known ones and i have to say these do not compare any of them . I am more than pleased, i love my Cashmere hair :)

Best purchase ever!

Product: Dark Brown 20″ Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Missshana
Well worth the cost! Beautiful and high quality :)

Beautiful Extensions

Product: Brown 20″ Clip In Hair Extensions
Posted By: Nicole
I received my hair extensions and couldn’t wait to put them on. I have never worn hair extensions before, nor have I ever shopped for them. This is my first experience and I’m completely satisfied. I would definitely recommend these extensions and would also purchase them again in the future.

Convenient carry bag

Product: Cashmere Luxury Bag
Posted By: Nicole
This bag is a great way to keep your extensions neat and tidy. It’s also makes your extensions very easy to travel with.


Cashmere Hair Before & Afters

What a creation Josie Wilder did on her client with CASHMERE HAIR BEFORE & AFTER using the Ombré set! She is amazing and is taking clients at BLOWN Salon on Canon in Beverly Hills, California.

Cashmere Hair Before & After
Cashmere Hair Before & After

Before & After with Ombré Cashmere Hair!!!! Get your order color swatch order placed at

Cashmere Hair Before & After
Cashmere Hair Before & After

Thank you @briannelei for you great Before & After with your Cashmere Hair!!! We love how happy you are. Your hairstylist did a great job too!!!


Cashmere Hair Before & After
Cashmere Hair Before & After

Beautiful Before & After with Cashmere Hair done by Josie Wilder in Beverly Hills BLOWN Salon on Canon in Beverly Hills, California.  Live in LA? Color matching available & Cashmere Hair available with @josie_wilder & @stylistmelissabarone

Before & After Cashmere Hair Extensions
Before & After Cashmere Hair Extensions

A excellent transformation by our CASHMERE HAIR Rep KYLA @cashmerehairbykyla in Boise, Idaho!

Before & After Cashmere Hair Extensions
Before & After Cashmere Hair Extensions

A successful & gorgeous hair transformation using Cashmere Hair Clip-In Extensions by one of our trained CASHMERE HAIR Extension Experts Josie Wilder!

Before & After Cashmere Hair Extensions
Before & After Cashmere Hair Extensions

Who wants long hair? Come and see Josie Wilder Blown Salon and get some Cashmere Hair Clip In Extensions! Highest quality clip In hair extensions I’ve ever used This beauty is wearing the Ash Blonde Shade of Cashmere Hair.

Before & After Cashmere Hair Extensions
Before & After Cashmere Hair Extensions

Huge transformation on a beautiful client of Josie Wilder’s at BLOWN SALON.  Color, cut and extensions using Cashmere Hair Clip In Extensions in the Ombré Shade.

Before & After Cashmere Hair Extensions
Before & After Cashmere Hair Extensions


Beauty Bunny Secrets

cashmere hair beauty bunny cashmere hair beauty bunny 2

Beauty Bunny Irina Voronina’s Gorgeous Hair Secret!

cashmere hair beauty bunny 1

The lovely Irina Voronina, Actress, Model , and Playboy’s Miss January 2001 has been kind enough to share one of here beauty secrets! Which happens to be her gorgeous hair secret of CASHMERE HAIR CLIP IN EXTENSIONS!


Every one who knows me doesn’t get surprised to see me with long beautiful hair at photo shoots and short hair in real life. My hair has never been my best feature. Luckily, I can easily change that by using clip-in hair extensions. They are super easy to use, and it takes me less than 10 minutes to snap them on.

I just picked up a new gorgeous set of clip-in extensions by Cashmere Hair. I went with the darker shade this time to create more dimension. ‘Ash Blonde’ shade worked out great and photographed beautifully.”

Beauty Bunny Irina Voronina's Gorgeous Hair Secret!

Check out her blog for more great tips and secrets!

Shade Comparison Video

Cashmere Hair Shade Comparison

We compare shades so that you can better select the correct shade to match your natural hair!

Cashmere Hair Clips VS Other Clips

Cashmere Hair Clips

See what makes Cashmere Hair Clip-In Extensions superior! It starts with the small clips! Plus, we don’t mean to brag, but we have source the best quality hair and our easy clip in design gives you instantly gorgeous hair!
To read more about us, read our FAQs, and to read real customer reviews click here!


Cashmere Hair As Seen In VIVA GLAM MAGAZINE

viva glam Cashmere Hair 1

If you haven’t heard of this magazine yet, you are in for a treat! VIVA GLAM MAGAZINE is currently the ONLY magazine that has truly beautiful women on it’s pages. The kind of beautiful women that every woman really wants to look like, curvy, beautiful, with amazing hair, chic & classic. In addition to all the amazing photos, it has excellent beauty tips, fashion spreads, travel, cooking and more! It’s not just an online magazine either, with your subscription, you actually get copies of this beautiful magazine that I guarantee you will want to collect and save for years because it’s so gorgeous! Each issue is more beautiful than the next! At Cashmere Hair, we are so honored when we get featured in any magazine, but this magazine is just GORGEOUS! Check out this article on Midnight Smokey Eye Look, where Cashmere Hair Extensions were worn in shade 9021Ombre to give this bombshell some extra Oomph to her big blonde ombre locks.

viva glam Cashmere Hair
viva glam Cashmere Hair 2

We were also featured on the Glamour Travel Pro article, listing “The Island Accessory Essentials” …every girl can easily travel with Cashmere Hair to any destination! And don’t forget the Amazing new Luxury Bag to safely store and travel with your clip-ins!viva glam Cashmere Hair6

Cashmere Hair Luxury Bag
Cashmere Hair Luxury Bag

Click here to check out VIVA GLAM MAGAZINE & Subscribe today!

Click here to shop for Cashmere Hair Clip In Extensions!


Lust Vs MUST-CASHMERE HAIR Offers An Affordable Boar Brush

Ever wonder what all the hype is over a boar brush? Now you can try it for yourself with CASHMERE HAIR’s luxuriously chic boar bristle brush! This brush prevents damage and breakage with gentle brushing to prolong the life of Cashmere Hair Extentions, and your own hair. It is recommended for all hair types, fine, medium, and thick hair. It also won’t pull out your clip in hair extensions when you want to brush them. This brush is cruelty free! Click here to purchase!


Next Level Shine

Cashmere Hair's New Extensions Shine Spray. Sale only $14.99!
Cashmere Hair’s New Extensions Shine Spray. Sale only $14.99!

A few spritzes of Cashmere Hair’s new Extension Shine Spray instantly transforms your hair from dry and dull to healthy and glossy. Use as a heat styling protector or to smooth frizz in one step. Plus, it’s infused with incredibly hydrating botanicals to strengthen and moisturize your strands. It’s not just for your Clip-In Hair Extensions, it can be used on your own natural hair as well! Try it now at for only $14.99

Bridal Hair Inspirations For Your Wedding Day

The girls at Cashmere Hair can’t get enough of these gorgeous long bridal hairstyles! Cashmere Hair is not only the PERFECT accessory for your wedding day, it will give you that confidence boost to feel like the most beautiful woman in the world on your wedding day. Check out some of these photos we are inspired by when considering your wedding day hairstyle.

By adding Cashmere Hair Clip-In Extensions to your bridal hairstyle, you will have that fullness, body, and length that you see in all of those amazingly creative ways to wear your hair. Cashmere Hair also holds curls really well, so even if conditions are less-than-perfect on your perfect day, at least your hair will look amazing!!

Cashmere HairCashmere Hair BRIDAL WeddingCashmere Hair BRIDAL WeddingCashmere HairCashmere Hair BRIDAL WeddingCashmere Hair BRIDAL WeddingCashmere Hair BRIDAL WeddingCashmere Hair BRIDAL Wedding



Cashmere Hair BRIDAL Wedding

Thinking of an Up-do for your wedding day hair style? Cashmere Hair has smaller 3″ tracks that are the perfect size for enhancing ponytails, up-dos, braids & more!

Cashmere Hair BRIDAL WeddingCashmere Hair BRIDAL Wedding

We know it’s a big decision, and we are here to help! Please feel free to email or call us #213-222-3878 with any further questions that you have. We are here to help you!

Shop now:

Hair’s #1 Secret Weapon

Cashmere Hair Brush

Cashmere Hair Brush

Cashmere Hair Brush
Cashmere Hair Brush



Do boar bristle brushes really make a difference?

Not only do we think they are an excellent tool for detangling and styling your hair while wearing our gorgeous Cashmere Hair Clip-In Extensions, but there are many other benefits to this Hair-Secret-Weapon! Don’t leave home without this beautiful black brush!

Instead of applying anti-frizz or shine treatment, use Cashmere Hair’s boar bristle brush as you’re styling and detangling your hair. At night before bed, and in the morning to gently detangle while pulling the natural oils from your scalp into your hair for natural shine and health.


Trunk Show June 12 In Beverly Hills

You are invited to the Beverly Hilton Trunk Show
Come visit the CASHMERE HAIR GIRLS in Beverly Hills at a trunk show this Thursday:

When: 10am-6pm on Thursday June 12, 2014

Trunk Show featuring Cashmere Hair Clip-In Extensions.

Where: The Beverly Hilton.
The room is called International Ballroom Gallery. (IBM)
The show is on the main floor. Easy access to valet and self parking.

Please come by for HUGE DISCOUNTS, to get color matched, try on some CASHMERE HAIR & shop!
Bring your friends! We are looking forward to meeting you!

Did You Miss Cashmere Hair on Shark Tank?

If you missed Cashmere Hair’s Pitch on ABC’s Shark Tank, don’t worry….here our episode:

Fast Forward to Minute: 22:00 to see Cashmere Hair

cashmere hair shark tank

Need A Confidence Boost?


Need A Confidence Boost?

We’ve all had a “bad hair day,” and some are even unlucky enough to have a bad salon experience, walking out feeling like your hair got butchered, or fried. There is no denying that how your looks can hair make or break your attitude and confidence. Beautifully styled hair can make you feel like a super model!
Some women don’t have long luxurious hair, or have naturally limp, thin, or fine hair.  Wearing hair extensions can dramatically increase confidence by instantly giving you the hair you wish you could have. With Cashmere Hair Clip-in Hair extensions you can finally give your hair style a new lease on life, and enhance the healthy look of your hair. Growing out your own hair can take years, but now you can boost your confidence significantly simply by investing in quality hair extensions. Cashmere Hair is the highest quality hair that lasts, and can withstand heat styling, washing, and daily wear.
Are you always wondering how celebrities do it? They seem to go from long locks, to a shoulder length bob in just a month? Hair extensions also make it easy to change your hair color/style/length on a regular basis. If you are looking for an immediate but temporary change in your hairstyle, Cashmere Hair clip-in hair extensions are the perfect hair accessory! For an affordable and stylish accessory that improves your looks, Cashmere Hair extensions will give you length, fullness, and volume you desire. You can wear them anytime you want; and they don’t need a lot of additional care.
Cashmere Hair clip-in extensions can be cut to blend with your own natural haircut for the most successful and natural look. We recommend this for shoulder length hair and above.  They are also much cheaper, easier, and don’t damage your hair like the more permanent alternatives. You can literally just clip & go in the comfort of your own home.
There are many varieties of clip-in hair available, and they have become a very popular hair accessory over the last few years. What makes Cashmere Hair different is that you can count on us to always give you the best quality hair, plus our clip-in system offers maximum fullness, with minimal clips, making it extremely comfortable compared to other brands. We are also the only brand to include “Ponytail Pieces” in each set, giving you a wide variety of options for your hairstyle.
You will always get quality with Cashmere Hair. Our clip-in hair extensions can be worn simply by using a specially designed non-slip clip that attaches them to your existing hair. They are quick and easy to put in; and with clip-in hair you can literally add instant volume, length, and a healthy look to your hair.

Wearing Cashmere Hair extensions will give you confidence and make you feel like the glamorous girl you really are. We love helping women of all ages and ethnicities, feel and look their very best with our amazing clip-in extensions!

If you have any questions regarding Cashmere Hair please see our website at or email us at


New! THE LUXURY BAG Is The Perfect Way To Store Cashmere Hair

Comes with a Padded Satin Hanger!

Comes with a Padded Satin Hanger!

Our newest, most innovative way to store your beloved Cashmere Hair Clip In Extensions. The perfect accessory that makes traveling with, storing & protecting your extensions with utmost care easy and glamorous.

Not only does Cashmere Hair offer the highest quality hair, but we take pride in caring for our hair, which is why we designed this luxurious little black bag complete with a soft padded satin hanger.

Hanging your extensions from the delicately designed hanger prevents them from tangling and it preserves the style, so you don’t have to restyle them every day. If you are taking your extensions “on the go” the Luxury Bag keeps them safe, secure, and discrete.  Great for times when going from home to the salon, to a Photoshoot, or on your wedding day.

Cashmere Hair Luxury Bag 2web Cashmere Hair Luxury Bag 3web Cashmere Hair Luxury Bag 4web Cashmere Hair Luxury Bag 5A

Luxury Bag Description:

-12 Inch x 23 Inch Luxury Bag

-Non Woven Black Fabric & Clear Plastic window with zipper.

-Removable white & silver padded satin hanger included.

-Cashmere Hair Logo in WHITE on both sides.




(Reg. $29.99) $24.99 (You save $5.00)

Catch The Cashmere Hair® Girls on SHARK TANK Tonight!

shark tank carosel banner 2

If you missed it the first time, set your TV to record ABC’s Shark Tank Episode tonight to catch the Cashmere Hair ® Girls pitching their Luxury Clip-In Hair Extension brand to the sharks! See them “Take it all off!”

And don’t forget to take advantage of this AMAZING SALE Special for $100 off Cashmere Hair ® Clip In Extensions! That’s only $299.99! (Reg. Price $399.99)

Swatches, Brushes, and the NEW LUXURY BAG are also on SALE!

Check out all the beautiful hair & accessories at

Best Quality Clip-In Remy Hair Extensions


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