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Bubble Ponytail Tutorial

This unique bubble ponytail is so pretty, it’s sure to be an eye catcher! It takes less than 5 minutes from start to finish, so this look would be great when you want an awesome, eye catching hairstyle without spending the extra time on it! I’m wearing my 24″ custom length extensions for the added drama, but any length extensions will do!


Step 1 : Put hair into a pony tail.

(Any height pony will do, low, high, I chose medium height.)

Step 2: Using a small, clear elastic, make your first bubble.

(Depending on hair length, you’ll want to space out the “bubbles” 1-3 inches apart.) The elastic will naturally push hair up making a bubble, and you’ll need to tug on the rest to create a round bubble.

Step 3 & 4: Repeat process until you reach the end of your pony.

Tip: The “bubbles” are actually a lot easier to make than it seems. The elastic naturally pulls at the hair so the bubbles take just a few seconds to volumize.


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